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A brave twist on Global flavors

Tazal story

The Arabic culture has been an influence on the world from every angle.

From literature to fashion, to music, to food, the influence has never and will never stop.

At Tazal, we celebrate that influence by creating an atmosphere that expresses the connection between tradition and modernity.

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Our Essence

A luxurious all-day experience offering a unique twist on international flavors with an “Arabic Touch”.


Taste of tazal

Featuring a contemporary global cuisine that is Uniquely fused with the “Arabic Culture”.

The Menu showcases a variety of experiences from its kitchen.

From its distinguished Bakery & Breakfast flavors to its uniquely crafted Lunch & Dinner signature experiences.

Our Story

Vibe of tazal

Feel the East and the West merge into one iconic atmosphere.

The Scenery and Music at Tazal is a flawless continuation of the Arabic Culture Impact.